If you think you can watch video and earn money is genuine then its true…
there are some sites allow you to get paid to watch video ads online for making money easily…

#1 – Cashcrate

Cashcrate allows you to get paid for people to make money online . one of the easiest ways to make money by watching videos .

You get your first $1 by signing up on cashcrate and can start adding on money from cashcrate and it has a 2 Million users and pays you every 15th date of the month.

You can also reffer by join cashcrate. The minimum payout is $20 you can sign up here…

#2 –  Perk TV

Perk tv you can make money by watching trailers for movies, video games and apps.

In Perk TV(watch)Netflix has few trailers including bill Nye saves the world and adam sandler’s movie sandy wexler and categories include like Hilarious and Random, Celebrity News and Science and Tech.

Perk TV members get paid to via cash,gift cards and other prizes like sweeptakes. The company has paid out $57 million in rewards to date…

#3 – FusionCash

Fusion cash is allows you get paid to watch video ads online, some tasks, games refer friends and more…
When you signing up you will receive 5$! Fusion cash is open for who live in canada and the united states.

Referring people to fusion cash will get you $1 for each person and 5$ every time if they cash out. You have to reach atleast 25$ in your earning not for referrals.

You will get payment via check in mail or direct deposit to your bank account or on paypal


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